Quincy baby with rare birth defect on the road to recovery

Hayden Hoskins' omphalocele was discovered in this ultrasound during the 19th week of pregnancy.

Having a baby can be a major transition for any family.

Having a baby with significant health problems can be an overwhelming life change.

Area residents turned out to raise money for a Quincy family whose baby made headlines after his birth this past February.

Hayden Hoskins was born with his organs on the outside of his body.

His journey to correct that birth defect was the impetus behind a benefit in Quincy Saturday.

Kelsea and Andy Hoskins had no idea their baby boy, Hayden, would be born with a rare birth defect called omphalocele until their 19th week of pregnancy. That's when an ultrasound revealed the birth defect that only occurs in one in ten thousand ultrasounds.

An omphalocele is a type of hernia that develops in the infant before birth causing organs to grow outside the body, within a sheer layer of tissue. In Hayden's case, it encompassed part of his intestines, stomach and liver. Hayden's surgeon expected to wait about a year before placing the organs back into Hayden's chest. But Hayden was a best-case scenario in every way. He underwent reconstructive surgery this past summer.

He's doing fantastic," Hayden's physician ,Dr. Kathy Asbury, said. "he's rolling over. He has great head control."

Area residents turned out to this benefit at Columbus Road Church Kids Zone in Quincy to help with financial costs during Hayden's stay at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

"I think one of the things with this benefit and Hayden's journey is the phenomenal faith that Andy and Kelsea have had," Dr. Asbury said. "I think Hayden's really a miracle.