Quincy appeals hydropower project dismissal

The city of Quincy is playing a waiting game over its planned hydropower project.

Mayor John Spring says a Washington, D.C. law firm hired by the city filed a 53-page appeal on Friday.

Last month the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dismissed the city's and its hydropower corporation's license and permit applications. You can read that notice here.

The city wants quick answers from FERC.

"We'd like to understand why they dismissed the license applications. We really have not been given any clear reasoning from FERC and that's why you have U.S. senators asking questions, as well as the city of Quincy," said Mayor Spring.

Mayor Spring is referring to a letter from U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, asking FERC to carefully review the city's appeal.

FERC has 30 days to respond to the appeal. The city is going ahead with its plans in the meantime.

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