Quincy and owner come to agreement on old Paper Box building

The city of Quincy hopes it is close to ending issues with the former Quincy Paper Box building.

That building is owned by Quincy Attorney Don Weinberg and is in desperate need of repair.

It is in such bad shape and is so cluttered, the Quincy Fire Department has said it would not go in the building to fight a fire.

Weinberg and the city have signed an agreement that gives him until January 20th to make repairs to the building at 230 North Third street.

The repairs include fixing the roof, repairing or replacing windows and removing gasoline and diesel fuel from all engines inside the building.

City Planner Chuck Bevleheimer says if the repairs aren't made the city will make them and place a lien on the property.

The city has already had to take Weinberg to court because of two other properties.