Quincy alderman wants city to draft conceal carry ordinance

      Quincy 5th Ward alderman Mike Rein

      A Quincy alderman said if the state can't figure it out, the

      City of Quincy

      should set a good example.

      Monday night,

      5th Ward Alderman

      Mike Rein asked the city's corporation counsel to draft an ordinance that would authorize conceal carry within Quincy's city limits.

      The entire council voted to move forward with that draft.

      Rein said he also wants to work with the

      Quincy Police Department

      to develop reasonable permitting regulations.

      "I just think it's way past time," Republican alderman Rein said. "Forty-nine other states have figured out how to do it, and Illinois can't do it. So perhaps Quincy can set a good example for our state legislature."

      However, state law would trump that city ordinance if the Quincy Council were to pass it.