Quincy added to Looking for Lincoln Coalition

Lincoln reenactor October 2008 in City of Quincy

The City of Quincy has made its way on the map to help visitors learn more about Illinois' favorite son.

Monday, local and state leaders announced the city is officially part of the "Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition."

It manages the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, which was designated to preserve, enhance and promote visitor experiences in 42 central Illinois counties.

The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition is a group of communities and historic sites across that part of the state, devoted to quality visitor experiences that tell the remarkable stories of the nation's 16th president.

Director Hal Smith says, "Quincy has such a strong historic community, and we wanted it to be part of our coalition. It also strengthens our western loop. People coming out of Springfield can visit Pittsfield, Jacksonville and now they'll be strongly drawn to Quincy because of the assets here. "

Quincy Mayor John Spring says, "It will be great from a tourism perspective, so this is going to be wonderful for our community. A lot of visitors will come here as they search out Lincoln."

By the way, there are a number of activities scheduled this week in the Quincy area to celebrate Lincoln's 200th birthday.

The first takes place at 6:30 this Wednesday night at Quincy Notre Dame.

The second will take place on Lincoln's actual birthday, Thursday, February 12th at 7 p.m. at Baldwin School.