Quick, get your flu shots!

Usually, when you think of drive thru, you don't think about flu shots.

But the Adams County Health Department wants you to make sure you're prepared for the worst when it comes to flu season.

The drive thru flu clinic provides a flu shot for those who are on the go.

All you do is pull up, pay, and receive you shot while you still sit in your vehicle.

"I was reading the paper and saw that it was from eleven to two, and it was pretty handy and I had fifteen minutes so I got in. I had the flu before, and that's not fun," Karen Weede said.

This set up also helps the Health Department prepare for emergency situations involving disease outbreaks.

"This is part of our planning with the CDC and our strategic national stockpile. So we will use this as an exercise to make sure that we are prepared in our community in case we have to push out drugs to large quantities of people, but better than that we are giving everyone flu shots," director of Clinical and Environmental services Shay Drummond said.

Nearly 400 people received their flu shot at the clinic.

"It's a great collaboration with emergency partners and our community. John Wood Community College is wonderful to host this. We worked with our Adams County Ambulance Service, Quincy Police Department, and our medical reserve corps. So these are people who would come together in the event of an emergency. So coming out and doing a planned event is value added for the whole group," Drummond said.

The clinic only takes 45 minutes to set up.

This was its 8th year at John Wood Community College.

If you missed Sunday's clinic, and are still in need of a flu shot, you can visit the health department in between eight in the morning and four in the afternoon on weekdays.