QU students help rebuild after Moore tornado

The students putting together a playground.

In light of the EF-5 tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma, a group of Quincy University students decided to offer a helping hand.

QU Campus Ministries sent 28 students to Moore.

They aren't carpenters.
"I have painted before ... I have painted my room, I helped my dad out, but I am not professional or anything," participating Samantha Haegele said. But that didn't stop this group of 28 students from trekking to Moore to help rebuild.

Matt Meglan is in charge of coordinating the trips this group takes. He says trips like this one lead to many new friendships.

"The last night on these trips, I always tell everyone I know, you now. I get to come up to you and say hi to you. And that's at a school that's already extremely friendly and hospitable to everybody of all backgrounds," Meglan said.

A majority of QU's Women's volleyball team went on the trip to offer a hand. Team Captain Samantha Haegele says this helps bring the team closer.

"Even just today in practice, we could tell we were just clicking and you know, everyone was just comfortable with each other," Haegele said.

One of the most moving things that students say they saw was the memorial at Plaza Tower Elementary School.

"The thing that really hit me was when I saw the crosses of the six children and the teacher and they had little chairs next to them, and it's so real," Haegele remarked.

"There were still people from Moore at the memorial and were still mourning for the tragedy that happened there, and I think that was very moving for our students, and important for them to get that perspective," she explained.

With only two days of helping hands, the students managed to help restore a family's home to its fullest.

"They were very grateful, very happy, very hospitable, everything was taken care of when we went down there. They really enjoyed our presence, and we really enjoyed theirs," Meglan said.

The students worked with a group called "Operation Blessing" while in Moore.

The QU campus ministry already planned trips to New Orleans, Chicago and Mobile, Alabama.