QU gets $2 million donation for science center

A Quincy University alum donated $2 million for the renovation and expansion of the Quincy University Center for Science.

It's the largest gift from a living donor in the university's 152-year history.

The announcement of the anonymous donation was made at a Wednesday morning press conference.

The science facility renovation will allow for the university to update eight student labs to contemporary standards.

"The labs we have now, there's not much space, crowded, a little old. We have to dig to find some things. I'm really excited about the new ones. They'll be really nice and a lot more spacious," Abby Safar, a QU sophomore said.

The campus is located at 18th Street and Seminary Road.

"It'll definitely help a lot with our education, make it easier for our teachers to direct us in the right path toward whatever we're going into. So, I'm just excited about the new labs," Rami Rogers, a QU sophomore said.

The funds will also create new study spaces, improved faculty offices and a revitalized exterior of the east entrance.

"It's really exciting that we have this wonderful donation that we can amp up the facilities to meet the needs of our students and our faculty," Dr. Michelle Combs, a biology professor at QU said. "The inclusion of a research space is really going to give students an edge when they go onto other placement later on in their careers."

Construction of Phase one is expected to begin in November and finish during winter break. Phase two will take place during the next two summer breaks.

In anticipation of the expansion of the program, the university added two new science professors this year, one in biology, another in chemistry.