QSFA looks to replace lost funding from the city

The Quincy City Council has given its approval to a new budget. But t
here are some budget cuts that aren't going over too well.

One of those groups that is seeing the funding cut is the Quincy Society of Fine Arts.

The group has been around since 1947 and this year its getting ready to celebrate the organization's 65th anniversary.
But trying to fund the organization can sometimes be a struggle.

The Quincy City Council has elected to cut funding to several non for profit agencies and the QSFA is one of them.

The city council said its members shouldn't be the ones deciding who gets taxpayer money and who doesn't.

"I think that's not a place for government to be doing. And I think the citizens are more that able to decide what charities deserve their funding directly," 3rd Ward Alderman Paul Havermale said.

But for Rob Dwyer, the executive director of the QSFA, he said another cut in city funding will hurt the agency not just in their operating budget, but in ways that aren't seen by the general public.

"The Marion Gardner Jackson trust arts fund, I think one of the big reasons we got that original grant was because we could demonstrate that there was city support, there was private sector support etc and that one program has brought about $400,000 to this community and the whole purpose is to raise cultural tourism," Dwyer said.

"And now to lose the city funding and that's been about $30,000 a year to us in that range. But I really think it's a penny wise and a pound foolish to cut arts organizations out of the budget, because they're the ones that are attracting dollars to our community," he added.

Dwyer even said there could be consideration given to reorganizing the QSFA, but any final decision would have to come from the executive board.