QPS evaluates student test scores

QPS curriculum committee meeting

The Quincy Public School District wants to raise standardized test scores at all grade levels. That was one of the goals discussed at the QPS curriculum committee meeting on Monday.

The purpose of the meeting was for staff to assess where test scores stand and set benchmarks to evaluate future progress. Several administrators from all grade levels presented recent test scores.

School Board President Stephanie Erwin said standardized test scores vary by grade, but overall, she said the district's scores are lower than where they should be.

The committee discussed the results of the MAP test, which was given in the district for the first time to 7th-graders this year. Erwin said the 7th-grade class met the national average of MAP scores.

The committee also discussed the PARCC test, which will be given for the first time next year in place of the ISAT.

Erwin said she would like to see the district implement more standardized testing to help evaluate progress at all grades.

However, she cited the high cost of the tests as a major factor currently preventing that goal, and that it would take time to introduce more tests to the district.