QPS breaks ground on second and third K-5 elementary schools

QPS breaks ground on second and third K-5 elementary schools

Quincy Public schools marked the beginning of construction for the second and third K-5 Elementary Schools on Monday morning.

It was at the 48th & Columbus Road and North 12th Street site that school board members, engineers and architects celebrated the groundbreaking of both these schools.

Superintendent Roy Webb said the two schools will be completed and ready for students by Fall 2018.

“A year to two in half years from now, every one of our K-5 students, about 3,000 kids, will be going to a brand new school,” said Superintendent Webb.

Now boundaries and teachers have not yet been assigned, but Superintendent Webb said decisions should be final by the March school board meeting.

However, two principals have been assigned to these sites and both say they ready to begin their new journey.

"I've got the excitement jitters, we've been doing such hard work that the reality of real new buildings wasn't in our focus, it was just getting the work done and getting the decisions made," said Cindy Crow.

Crow will be principal to the North 12th street site.

She said on top of already being principal at Baldwin South, she’s been working on assisting in the development of the K-5 staffing plan.

Crow said, “We want to ensure that kids have opportunities for intervention who need it and kids who have mastered skills, can be enriched and grow beyond.”

Current Principal at Baldwin West, Melanie Shrand, will soon be the principal at the 48th Street & Columbus Road Site.

Shrand said, “It just really opens doors for them and this open land reminds me of just having open minds for taking in new knowledge.”

Shrand has been at Baldwin for the past 29 years.

Right now, architects and engineers say construction is ahead of schedule and they are under budget.

Work began on the first K-5 Elementary at our Monroe Site in December of 2015.

It is expected to be complete by the summer of 2017.

Students will transition to that site for the 2017-2018 academic year.

"I don't think there's another community in the world that can say that a community the size of Quincy, so it's a pretty outstanding thing for our community,” said Superintendent Roy Webb.

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