QPS board withdraws vote on future facilities

After months of planning, preparation and public meetings, a plan for the future of Quincy school facilities came to an abrupt halt Wednesday night.

Quincy School Board's president withdrew a vote on the future of Quincy Public School buildings.

Board members were expected to vote on whether to place a referendum on the March or November ballot to restructure the district's school buildings.

President Stephanie Erwin mentioned at the top of Wednesday's meeting that she would like to withdraw the vote due to a lack of agreement among board members.

"It is my recommendation that we not vote on the referendum tonight and that we withdraw new business items," School Board President Stephanie Erwin said.

Erwin said the board was in agreement of a plan that involved elementary schools that house K through 5th grades; putting 6th through 8th grades together at Quincy Junior High School and moving 9th graders to Quincy Senior High School. Board members did not agree on the timing of when to move forward with the plan.

"The feeling I want to convey is we're not ending," Board Member Sheldon Bailey said. "We're not stopping. We're just pausing for a moment to consider the information."

"This is not a cancellation," Board member Richard McNay said. "A few of the board members were wishing for more time and would like to look at some other options or explore all the options."

Board member Jeff Mays was not pleased about withdrawing the vote at Wednesday night's meeting.

"To kill this discussion so the voters can't even give us their advice on this issue this big just seemed to be folly," he said. "We spent $52.9 million without any taxpayer vote on life safety to maintain these buildings over the last 20 years. No public vote! I want the voters to give us some direction. There won't be a bigger decision any board will be making in the next 40 years than this one."

In other board action, the Quincy School Board approved a 2013 tax levy rate of $4.06.