QPS board tables honors system vote

The Quincy Public School Board postponed a discussion on the future of Quincy High School's graduation procedure

The Quincy Public School Board tabled a discussion on the future of the high school honors system Wednesday night.

The board is debating dropping the valedictorian and salutatorian titles but is also exploring a broader, 'cum laude' honors system.

Board President Stephanie Erwin said the board would like some more time to research the issue and see what other districts have done in similar situations.

She said much of the board's discord on the issue stems from who should be allowed to give the graduation speech.

According to Erwin, the district has talked about a system where several high-ranking students, based on grade point average, would submit a speech and a speaker would be chosen from the group.

Still, others feel that the student with the highest overall GPA should be allowed to give the speech.

Erwin said it's possible that both the old system and new system could be used together.

"I think everyone would like to see that because the grade point averages are so close, and we've talked about how there is some gaming with the weighted grades so they feel like it should be opened up to a broader group that are so close to be able to give the speech," Erwin said.

Late last year, a council was appointed to evaluate the need for a valedictorian and salutatorian.

Some within the district feel the titles lead to too much competition and less focus on academic achievement.

However, Erwin said most of the board agrees that those titles should be kept.

The issue will be discussed and possibly voted on by the board next month.