QPS board approves new facilities recommendation

Steering committee members present recommendation to the Quincy school board

The Quincy Public School District could be a step closer to determining the future of its school buildings.

A facilities steering committee presented its recommendation on future facility plans for the entire district at a special board meeting Monday night.

The recommendation includes moving 9th grade to Quincy Senior High School; moving 6th grade to the junior high school and building four new elementary schools, which would include storm shelters.

None of the existing elementary schools would be used.

The estimated cost would be between $85 million to $89 million.

The board approved the recommendation.

"The next phase that we approved tonight is to go ahead and see some real life drawings of those plans -- 3-Ds, layouts, plans, those kinds of things," QPS Board President Stephanie Erwin said.

The recommendation is based on a survey, which netted 1500 responses from the public.

The recommended plan would not affect property taxes.

The steering committee comprises members from throughout the district that has been meeting for 3 1/2 months.

"The architects and steering committee have done a very good job in a short amount of time, because if we want to put it on the November ballot for the referendum, we have to approve it by August," Erwin said. "This phase will last about six weeks.

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