QPS auction: "It's not high enough"

The school board put the house up for auction Saturday morning.

The Quincy School District remains the owner of its old special education building at 2424 High Street.

The school board put the house up for a public auction Saturday morning.

No minimum bid was set, so it was up to the handful of bidders on site to name the starting price. The bids began at 7 thousand dollars and came to a halt after hitting 16 thousand dollars, but it wasn't enough to make a sale, said Dennis Gorman, legal counsel for Quincy Public Schools.

There are several options the school board can take at this point.

"One, the school district can go through this process again at some point in time. Or two, they can go through it again and set a minimum bid. Or three, they may hold it and just wait for some time. Another process that happens from time to time, a person will come and say, 'we will bid X if you put it up for sale.' At that particular point, the school district decides if they will do that. If they do, then what they're saying is, if that bid is reached, they know someone will make that bid before they put the property up for sale," Gorman said.