Q.P.D. believe murder weapon has been found

Quincy police are still looking for the man accused of killing another man at a fast food restaurant Sunday, May 23rd, but some key evidence has been found.

Police Chief Rob Copley says the weapon used to kill 37 year old Ian Barksdale in the parking lot of Hardee's at 30th and Broadway was found with help from witnesses, but he would not say where it was found.

An arrest warrant for first degree murder has been issued for 28 year old Phillip Diaz Jr. of Chicago.

The incident has been traced back to the Casino Starlight where Barksdale was employed.

He broke up a fight between Diaz and another person.

Later in the night, Diaz and Barksdale crossed paths again at the Hardee's on Broadway.

That incident ended with Barksdale being shot multiple times by Diaz. The victim died hours later at Blessing Hospital.

Chief Copley says U.S. Marshall forces are now involved.

"We do have the U.S. Marshal's Great Lakes Task Force involved in searching for our suspect. As we released earlier, we do have a warrant for the suspect. Because of that the task force is able to put a lot of there resources on the ground for us right now and we're confident we'll come up with him soon," said Copley.

Despite the suspect being from out of town, Chief Copley told KHQA he does not want to jump to the conclusion that this incident was gang related.

"First of all, there's been no confirmation in this case that the suspect is a gang member. Yes, he's from Chicago. There are a lot of people from Chicago, a lot of good, up-standing people from Chicago. So we don't want to make that immediate leap in this case. We don't want people in the community to think that. This was an incident that had no indication that the incident itself was related to gangs in anyway," said Copley.

We spoke with a friend of the victim.

Paul Wayman owns Paulie's Customs in Quincy.

He said Ian Barksdale came in to Paulie's for work on his truck about two and a half years ago.

After several appointments for more work, it became a weekly ritual that Barksdale would visit the shop and the two would hang out.

Ian Barksdale's friend and owner of Paulie's Customs Paul Wayman said, "Single father, four small children, ages ranging between four and six. Amazing, I mean a stellar human being. Of all the men that don't take care of their kids in today's society, he was not one of them. Worked a full-time job, and on the weekends he would stay up all night and subsidize his income again to help take care of his family better. There was a great injustice done to a fantastic human being. There's only four hours of highway between here and Chicago. If somebody sees this guy, let's find him. Keep your eyes open."

KHQA has been told that the Quincy Police Department has been in contact with Chicago authorities. So far, Diaz hasn't been found there either.

If you see him, you're asked not to approach him. Instead call the police, or if you want to stay anonymous, call the Crimestopper's Hotline at 217-228-4474.