QMG doctor says it's that time of year for illness

There seems to be plenty of sickness going around right now, especially the upper respiratory and sinus infections.

A doctor at Quincy Medical Group told us it's just that time of year.

Dr. Lance Real said with kids back in school, sharing items and bringing home germs ... and the same thing happening with their parents at work, illnesses spread throughout families, friends and co-workers.

He recommends rest and sometimes an antibiotic.

"Well in some cases you know some people do need an antibiotic and in a lot of cases people can heal with decongestant and rest and fluids and some over the counter pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication. You know if you're running fevers and producing cough that's not going away for several days. Any shortness of breath, wheezing probably needs to get in and be seen," said Real.

If you get sick, Dr. Real reminds you to stay hydrated.

By the way, we haven't hit peak flu season yet.

That usually happens from mid-February to mid-March ... so it's not too late to get a flu shot.