QMG celebrates 75 years in the biz

Quincy Medical Group was started in 1937 by three doctors.

The Quincy Medical Group wasn't always the Quincy Medical Group. When doctors, Walter M. Whitaker, Orie F. Shulian and Kent W. Barber started the group practice in 1937, it was called the Quincy Clinic.

Since then, the healthcare provider has evolved.

"We started with about 20 doctors and in probably about nine specialty areas and now we have over 130 providers in about 29 specialties, so we've grown," Lorri Craig, QMG employment specialist, said.

Craig has worked at QMG for the past 35 years and she's seen a lot of change on the administrative side.

"We didn't even have the computers, we were typing on the electric typewriters," Craig said. That may not be the biggest change.

"Patients were able to smoke in the waiting room while they were waiting for their doctor," Craig said. "A lot of our doctors were pipe smokers and they were able to smoke in their offices."

Can you believe a world with typewriters and waiting room smoking?

Technology has made administration easier but its also made surgical procedures faster and safer.

"Which allows overnight stays in the hospital, much quicker recovery and less risk of infection," Dr. Dureska, a QMG physician, said.

But one aspect of the medical field still remains the same at QMG.

"I think the patient doctor relationship has always stayed strong and I think that's probably the most important thing," Dureska said. "It's why most of us go into the medical field is to have that interactions with out patients."

And that's the same philosophy that has kept the Quincy Medical Group going for the last 75 years, no matter what their name was.

The Quincy Medical Group is having it's 75th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday November 4th at the Kroc Center from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.