QHS students take science to the next level with Mentos and Diet Pepsi

These days, many schools are taking soda out of the hands of students.

At Quincy Senior High, hundreds of liters of soda were brought to the school ... all in the name of science.

Jackie Stewart's AP Chemistry class got to experiment with putting Mentos in diet soda.

Not only did they get to see the reaction the two treats have when they meet each other, but they took the experiment to the next level.

They invited sophomores to watch a big production of soda bottles and Mentos form fountains in the high school courtyard. Hopes are that gets the younger students interested in science.

You can watch the entire experiment by clicking here.

"I learned to have fun with chemistry. Just a simple reaction to carbon dioxide and how much fun you can have with it," junior Matthew Frankenhoff said.

The students also cleaned up the mess afterwards.

Refreshment Services Pepsi donated more than 250 bottles for the students to use.

The class also donated all of the yellow Pepsi caps to the Quincy Humane Society.