QHS student artwork will be on display statewide

Laia Monells works on a new art project.

Does your driver's license mark you as an organ don o r?

If not, National Donor Day Tuesday could give you the opportunity to save lives.

One QHS exchange student was inspired to help recruit more don o rs.

"My Grandma, she needed a liver and a 30-year-old girl gave it to her so she's alive from that. That really inspired me a lot," said Laia Monells.

Laia is the winner of the Organ Donor Poster Contest, and her poster will soon be displayed in government agency buildings across the state.

Blane Barnes, Laia's art teacher explains how she was entered.

"I selected 10 out of an entire group of about 100 posters. Then we got that ready for the Organ Donor Poster Contest and sent them off a couple months ago. Then it came in my mail box last Thursday evening. There was a letter from the State that said that Laia had got the grand prize winner."

Laia did not win the contest just on luck, her design was the product of hard work.

"She has a natural creative ability and she combines that with sweat equity and puts the time in and usually ends up with some really good stuff," said Barnes.

On March 28 Laia will be honored in Springfield for her winning poster entry. Laia's grandmother who inspired her is excited about her accomplishment.

"I already told her, she's so happy and so thankful and I am too."