QHS sophomore credited for saving man's life

A Quincy High School student is being credited for saving a man's life using skills she learned in class.


Church said
it was a typical evening out with friends enjoying dinner, when it went from good conversation and laughing, to a spilt second later a man choking and his face turning beet red.

Church said
a woman at the man's table called out for help and what Church learned in her health occupations class took over.


Well I told him what I going to do. Like, I asked him if he needed help. His wife was like, or maybe his girlfriend was like yeah, please help him and he was making the choking sign and his face was really red. He was just a normal sized guy, so I did about five abdominal thrusts and then the peanut ended up coming out on the table," Church said.

Dana Trantor is the health occupations instructor at the Quincy Area Vocational Technical Center. She said
CPR training is part of the curriculum and that Church did the right thing with what she learned.


Fortunately, we have a lot of students who learn CPR here at school, not only in the health occupations, but in health classes. And I think this time it's impressed the other students how important it is to know this skill, since one of own has saved a life," Trantor said.

Church added that
she didn't plan on getting the kudo's that have been coming her way. She also said that
instinct kicked in to help someone and that she would do it again if it happened ever again.

Church is certified in CPR.

If you would like to become certified, you can contact your local Red Cross office or the American Heart Association.