QFD engine 6 has quick response to trailer fire

Early Wednesday morning trailer fire in Quincy.

Updated story posted Wednesday, June 4 at 10:45 p.m.

The Quincy Fire Department has determined the cause of Wednesday's fire to be accidental.

A spokesman with the department told KHQA that there is no suspicion involved, but a definite cause it not known.

However, the department has singled out an area of the home where it believes the fire started.

QFD officials plan to speak with the home's residents in the coming days to learn more about what might have contributed to the blaze.

Original story posted Wednesday, June 4 at 8:22 a.m.

The Quincy Fire Department responded to a structure fire in a mobile home park at 7:35 a.m. Wednesday morning at 1814 Jane Lane.

Two engine trucks arrived around the same time, engine 6 and engine 4, and a third, engine 2, arrived around four minutes later. The trailer was fully engulfed when the firefighters arrived.

Four people lived in the trailer, but had evacuated before the engines arrived.

The trailers on either side of the engulfed trailer were evacuated in case the fire spread.

The firefighters also went inside the industrial building to the back of the trailer to set up fire control should the fire have spread.

"Especially with this type of construction, it doesn't take very long for fire to actually escape the building itself and impinge on them," Fire Chief Joe Henning said. "Also with these types, the mobile home parks, the homes are in very close proximity to each other so we always have a concern about fire extension. If you look at the trailer next door, you'll see the skirting on the trailer below is all melted away, so we had fire impingement on the trailer next door."

Fire Engine 6 was supposed to be part of a tentative plan for Quincy Fire Department brownouts, but the department had the manpower Wednesday to allow a crew to arrive on scene. Chief Henning told KHQA that there was a retirement with the department which freed up money to cover operation costs for that engine.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore told KHQA that the internal city discussion about brownouts was in response to anticipated manpower issues, and that because of the recent retirement, "brownouts will likely not occur, but they are not completely off the table" for future negotiations with the firefighters union.

The response time for Fire Engine 6 was four minutes. Chief Henning said if the engine hadn't responded, a second engine wouldn't have arrived on scene for an additional four minutes.

"It would have taken a little longer for crews to get here," Henning said. "And with the fire impingement we had, especially on the trailer next door, it's very possible we could have had two trailers involved."

The cause is not known, and two investigators were on the scene as the fire was being put out.