Qcy. Post Office preventing roof collapse

Snow on the roof of the Quincy Post Office / KHQA's Melissa Shriver

UPDATED Thursday at 6:04p.m.

They weren't shoveling the walk at the post office Thursday. Instead, they were taking extra precautions on the roof.

This was the scene as crews with snow blowers and shovels worked to clear snow off the post office's flat roof.

Officials there say the efforts were strictly preventative to alleviate any concerns about the weight of the snow.

The work began Wednesday night and continued through this afternoon.

-Original Story-

KHQA's Melissa Shriver has gone over to the Quincy Post Office to get video of just what's going on Thursday after we received a call that people were working on the roof of the building.

We were able to speak with Melissa Allen there and she said that they are working to clear the roof.

She said it is strictly preventative and that the snow has not yet created any real danger, however, the weight caused concern.

The work began Wednesday night and has continued Thursday afternoon.

They have approximately 8 snow blowers in use to clear the massive amounts of snow!

KHQA's Melissa Shriver will bring you more details, so check this story later and watch KHQA's News at Five, KHQA's Evening News at 6 p.m. and KHQA's Late News at 10 p.m.

We should have photos and video very soon!