QCT welcomes you to Wanda's World

Wanda's World calls for actors and actresses from sixth through twelfth grades.

Lights, camera, action! Wanda's World the musical is ready to debut and the Quincy Community Theatre has been chosen as one of the first theatres in the world to show it.

"Well our artistic director Lenny Bart knew the book writer of it, Eric Weinberger, they were colleagues out east," Brandon Thomsen, Wanda's World director, said. "So he was familiar with the show, it had played off Broadway and he suggested it and we liked it and we thought it would be a good fit for our theatre."

The production calls for actors and actresses from sixth through twelfth grades. Once cast, these thespians will get a once and a life time opportunity.

"The book writer and the composer and lyricist of Wanda's World are both coming to Quincy Community Theatre to see out production," Thomsen said. "The writers will do a workshop with the actors. The actors will actually get the chance to work with professional musical theatre writers."

But don't think you have to be a pro for this musical.

"One of the most important things when you're auditioning is just to have fun with it," Mindy Holthaus, Wanda's World choreographer, said. "To smile and to just make sure you are really becoming the character and telling the story of the show and that's what's really important. Not that you're a professional dancer."

The musical follows the life of tween Wanda Butternut.

"She's trying to fit into her first day in a new school, junior high and it's how these teachers inspire her to believe in herself and what she can bring to the world," Thomsen said.

A message that anyone can relate to.

"We say it's a show for anyone that has ever gone to school because we've all felt a little self conscious about ourselves, doubted our abilities and wondered about our looks, we perhaps have been bullied and so it's a very relevant show but done with very contemporary music," Thomsen said

Music that will get you moving whether it's in your seats or on stage.

Wanda's World auditions will be held November 24th and 25th. For more details, click here.