QCT: Taking the work out of '9 to 5''

A special Xerox machine brought in from Chicago just for the occasion

Quincy Community Theatre opens the show '9 to 5' Thursday.

While the actors and actresses on stage have been working for months to bring you a successful performance, it's the people behind the scenes that make it all possible.

Believe it or not - work to create productions like '9 to 5' begin six months in advance as directors meet to create concepts for the show.

Lenny Bart is the Director of the Quincy Community Theatre. He says from those meetings come the creation of sets like these - that seem to be effortlessly wheeled in or dropped from the ceiling. Click here to here more about how those set changes happen.

"We do so much to make sure no one notices, so the magic just happens," Bart said.

As you can imagine space on stage is at a premium. Here at the set of '9 to 5' there are 13 different scene changes. All that movement makes the action backstage nothing short of constant.

This production requires 12 people to run the pulleys, curtains, sound and lights and that's not counting the actors who work double duty to move sets and props on and off the stage at any given time. It's enough to make your head spin.

Jobs backstage take coordination and a little imagination. Crews build pulley systems to lift actors. Click here to watch KHQA's Melissa Shriver flail in the pulley.

There's also a prop in this musical that has bells and whistles all its own! Click here to watch video from the special Xerox machine brought in from Chicago just for the occasion.

"On opening night everything comes together," said Paul Denckla, Technical Director at the Quincy Community Theatre.

Click here to watch the behind the scene's story.

'9 to 5' opens this Thursday, July 11 and runs through July 21st.

Tickets are still available online atâ?? and at the box office at the Oakley Lindsay Center in Quincy.