QCT leader makes transition in the Quincy art community

This office will soon sit empty as the search begins for a replacement.

After three years of leading the Quincy Community Theatre, Lenny Bart is stepping down from his Managing/Artistic Director Position.

He hopes to form a new path in Quincy's art community.

When Bart looks back on his time at the QCT, he recalls feeling excited about what Quincy had to offer him.

"I had struggled for so long trying to build theatres back in New Jersey, we were homeless for a while. Coming to this facility was a dream for myself. It's not just this facility and the theatre, but the arts in general in this town. The biggest single thing I'll miss is working with the performers, and the crew, and the musicians," Bart said.

Though the job has been a positive experience for him, he will soon be moving to a new position as the Executive Director with the Quincy Society of Fine Arts. Bart says he's looking forward to a slower paced atmosphere in the new position.

"I generally will work a 12 to 14 hour day here, with very few time off in between, and that includes weekends, quite often. It made me start to realize that I need a little bit of more time in my personal life. I've become quite excited about the possibilities of what I can bring to that job, and also to be able to enjoy life a little bit," Bart said.

Staff at the theatre, like Technical Director and Scenic Designer Paul Denckla, are grateful for the experience Bart brought to the organization.

"We'll certainly miss Lenny's energy, his enthusiasm, his creativity that he brought to the job here. That was one of the reasons we felt he was the right fit for the job here, were those attributes that he has, and he shared with us over the years. If he brings the same energy, and creativity, to that job, that he's brought the Managing Artistic Director at the Quincy Community Theatre, they're in for a treat," Denckla said.

Although Bart won't be leading the theatre anymore, you won't hear him saying goodbye.

"It's not goodbye, I'd like to say that I am still in Quincy, I am still active in the arts, I will continue to be active with the community theatre. I'd like to say, see you out at the arts," Bart said.

QCT has formed a search committee and hired a professional consultant to find a replacement for Bart.

Laura Ehrhart sits currently as the board president.

"It's a tricky position to be good at both things, to be good at the managing and the artistic aspect, so that sort of narrows the pool right there. But we want somebody with a lot of enthusiasm, somebody who is very responsible, somebody with good artistic vision," Ehrhart said.

While the board doesn't have an official timeline, they're looking forward to the experience someone new can bring to the position.