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      Punt, Pass and Kick competition in Macon

      Around forty kids gathered in Macon on Sunday to participate in the annual Punt, Pass and Kick competition.

      Boys and girls from ages 6-15 came to the Macon football field to give their best punt, pass and kick.

      The winner of each age group will go to a sectional competition in October.

      If they do well there, they will then compete at halftime of a Chiefs football game.

      Organizers say besides the competition aspect of the event, it's fun because it gets kids involved and active.

      "Basically, it's just a good way to get out and enjoy a beautiful day, and polish up a little football skills and have some fun. "It's just a good activity and to even interact with the parents. Plus, we love Macon tiger football, and this is a way to encourage these kids to get involved in football and come up through the future," Punt, Pass and Kick, Chairman of Macon Jaycees Bill Noyes told KTVO reporter Brandon Smith.

      Besides kids from Macon, participants also hailed from Monroe City, South Shelby and Moberly.