Public transportation on its way to Pike Co., Ill.

It soon will be easier for Pike County, Illinois residents to get around their towns.

A countywide public transportation system will be up and running beginning November 1st.

It will be a fee based system offered through West Central Mass Transit District .

KHQA's Jarod Wells shows you why it's a much needed service for that area.

WCMTD Managing Director Jean Jumper said, "Transportation services in rural counties are needed badly all throughout the state of Illinois."

West Central Mass Transit District already has similar transportation systems in Brown, Scott and Morgan Counties.

Jumper said, "We find that there is a lot of interest in the Pike County area. There are people who are challenged with transportation at this point in time, some due to age, some due to other circumstances in their lives, many due to physical circumstances. So we believe the system is going to take off and run pretty quickly."

There will be six vehicles located in Pike County which Jumper says will help service rural areas. Most will carry 12 to 14 passengers, but there also may be one or two smaller vans and a larger bus.

Jumper said, "These are demand response systems, which means that you call the office, you give us some information about where you'd like to go, how long you'd like to be there. We schedule a ride and pick you up at your curb or your door."

And if you need help getting to the bus the drivers will come help you.

The news of the system comes as a relief to residents, such as 77 year old Virginia Waid of Milton.

Waid said, "I would just have to depend on friends or pay somebody to take me somewhere because I don't drive and I have Macular Degeneration and I can't see very well. I really need this. Very bad."

Coming up next Monday, October 18th and Tuesday, October 19th, six informational meetings will be held around Pike County to get your input on what is important for the transportation system.

For times and locations and questions you may have about fees contact the district at 217-245-2900 or 217-245-9122.