Public seeking answers about Quincy's garbage future

Could garbage men become a thing of the past in Quincy?

The city of Quincy hosted another public forum regarding the future of garbage and recycling pickup on Thursday.

About 100 people attended the forum held at the Quincy Public Library. More than 200 attended the first public forum on Tuesday.

Just like the first forum, many questions were asked about potential costs and why the city wants to change the system.

Mayor Kyle Moore stressed that the city is losing money using 50-cent garbage stickers and that the city's fleet of garbage trucks is deteriorating.

Moore said the city can continue with the sticker system, but that the price of stickers would need to be raised above $2 for the city to break even.

A second option would allow a private company to handle Quincy's waste removal. Moore said a total of 4 companies have expressed interest in the job.

Moore provided cost estimates from two of those companies based on a 10-year contract - each would include a monthly fee of at least $12.

Moore did not release the names of the companies attached to the specific bids, however, as the bidding process must keep the bids anonymous.

Moore said that, ideally, the city council would vote on a new system before the end of December. That would allow a private company to begin preparations for a May 2014 start date. However, Moore said there is no definite timetable and the vote could take place after January 1 if necessary.

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