Protecting your family with Quincy's guide to safety

The two crash simulation dummies were sent flying out the car window during a lesson on seat belt use.

An adult driver and his child passenger lay crumpled on the ground inches away from a rollover crash off Broadway Saturday afternoon. The two crash simulation dummies were sent flying out of the car window during a lesson on seat belt use.

This was one of many scenes dozens of people passed during Quincy's Community Safety Awareness Day, held at Kuhly's Imports at 6601 Broadway. Throughout the day, families participated in a variety of safety activities, including a texting and driving simulator course and a roll-over simulation. The Illinois State Police welcomed anyone to try driving a golf cart while wearing vision impaired goggles.

"We have people from Adams County Red Cross, tote companies, fire engines, Illinois State Police, all kinds of things around here to give kids an opportunity to see, to use," Trooper Mike Kindhart, with the Illinois State Police, said.

The Air Evac Life Team of Quincy even made a landing with its helicopter giving everyone on site a chance for a close encounter.

"As I watch the people that have been here, the children that have been here, they're interested in the fire truck, it's always the fire truck. But it seems the sheriff's tank has been a really big thing as well as everything the state police have put together," Dan Trower, the organizer said.

"Some of the teens and some of the younger adults, I think they're geared toward having an opportunity to drive the golf cart and sitting behind the driving and texting simulator and take their chance. With it being a confined area like that, it's about as controlled an area for them to try," Kindhart said.

Dozens of parents shifted to the car seats checks and Child ID kits. More than 40 children got fingerprinted, photographed and swabbed as part of the Illinois Chip program. It's a proactive measure parents hope they'll never need. Meanwhile, the Adams County Health Department welcomed about a dozen families to its child seat and seat belt check. The Safe Kids Adams County group hosts similar events throughout the county.

The American Red Cross of Adams County, Volunteer Emergency Corps and the Great River Honor Flight also participated in the event.