Protecting your child with Autism with a bracelet

Sally White sits with her son, Shade, at Saturday's benefit.

A missing child is a parent's worst nightmare. It can become even more serious when it involves a child who's differently-abled. But there's a Palmyra family working to calm those fears next time your child wanders off.

Sally and Clayton White are the parents of 6-year-old Shade White. Sally says children with autism, like Shade, tend to wander off because they don't have a usual sense of fear.

Saturday, Sally hosted the second

Shade White Autism Medical Alert

Benefit at the Pops club south of Hannibal. She introduced a bracelet prototype she's designed meant for children with Autism, one that will keep them protected.

"It'll have the logo, which will recognize Autism. It will also have GPS where it tracks. And it's going to lock where these kids can't cut them off, because some of them have sensory issues, so we have to make it more comfortable for them too," Sally said.

Once Sally finds a manufacturer for the bracelet, she'll take her design to the Governor's office along with the Department of Mental Health.

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