Protect yourself from ticks

It's the time of year to get outdoors, but that also means it's time to watch out for ticks.

Several cases of Lyme disease have already been reported to the Adams County Health Department.

The ACHD says the symptoms from diseases ticks carry are similar to common illnesses.

"A lot of the symptoms would involve a rash or maybe a reddening around the area where the bite occurred, you might have a fever you might have a headache or something of that sort," Rex Plflantz, an Enivronmental Sanitarium with the Adams County Health Dpeartment, said.

The parasite is already becoming a problem in the Tri-States.

Ticks are usually found in cool, shaded areas and even tall grass.

One expert says there are a few ways to reduce the chances of the unwanted guest attaching themselves to you.

"Keep your lawn mowed, probably wouldn't hurt to apply chemicals to your yard, there is a grandular that you can put down to kill them or keep them away,"Katrina Albert, an Illinois Certified Nurserymen with Bergman Nurseries, Inc, said.

Albert says the yard treatment can last for weeks.

Albert also knows first hand the effects of the diseases ticks carry.

That is because her daughter had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Experts say you should check yourself and your animals often if you have been outdoors.

If you think you've been bitten by a tick, pay attention to symptoms and seek medical care as soon as possible because tick-related diseases can be fatal.