Protect your pet on Independence Day

Fireworks are a huge part of the Fourth of July.

They are bright and beautiful to us, but we might be the only ones who think so.

"So while fireworks are extremely fun and entertaining for us, it can be extremely scary for them, so make sure your house is completely sealed up if you are keeping them indoors, keeping them inside is probably the safer bet with them," Celeste Hillen, the Community Relations Manager of the Quincy Humane Society, said.

Hillen is talking about our pets.

"Sometimes whenever the fireworks go off, they might be extremely nervous, try to break out of areas they normally wouldn't try and do it," Hillen said.

In fact, Hillen shares this piece of information.

"The day after the fourth of July, actually one of the highest intake rates at animal shelters that hold an animal control contract because so many animals are breaking free of their homes and backyards trying to get away from the noise," Hillen said.

In addition to minimizing the noise, Hillen suggest a special type of clothing, like a thunder shirt.

The thunder shirt provides pressure on the animal which calms its nervous system.

"Things like distracting them with music and tv, you can also find different things like pheromones that you can use in your home plug ins in the wall while you are at home, collars whenever you are away that help to relax them utilizes the same sort of things their mothers do when they are young," Hillen said.

Below are other hot weather tips.

- Keep them indoors when itâ??s extremely hot.

- Do not let your pet linger on hot asphalt.

- Keep them away from loud noises.

- Microchip your pet.

- Hydrate your pet.

- Keep them in shaded areas.

- Do not leave you pet in a vehicle.

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