Proposed development at 28th and Harrison in Quincy

City of Quincy

Planning, development and zoning topped Monday night's Quincy City Council meeting.

The council approved a re-subdivision of some lots in Evergreen Gardens Subdivision.

Four new houses will go up on the northeast corner of 28th and Harrison.

Area homeowners expressed concern about that development.

The developer told the council that he hoped to sell the new houses.

He added that he's open to renting them if no one buys the properties.

"The developer got permission tonight to build four houses at that location instead of two as the current subdivision is laid out, so the council authorized the 4-lot subdivision to allow four new houses at that location," Quincy City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer said.

Police Chief Rob Copley also told the council that the police committee has advised the police department to check on a possible joint venture with the Adams County Sheriff's office.

If approved, an animal control officer would be hired to work half time for the city and half time for the county.

Copley said Sheriff Brent Fischer plans to take that proposal to his board for consideration.

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