Property owners request clean-up extension from City Council

It was a hard sight to see.

Flames licking out the windows of the historic building at the corner of 5th and Maple destroying the former site of the

Anna Brown Home for the Aged

and the renovation dreams of owners Neal and Toni Hemming.

About 7 months later a large pile of debris is all that's left of the Hemming's investment.

Now the city of Quincy is suing the owners of that

former historic building


The reason is that the debris at the corner of 5th and Maple is still not cleaned up. The debris pile from the fire has been barricaded off for safety reasons.

The city has sued the couple for the clean up of the debris.

Toni Hemming appeared before the council to request an extension of the clean up deadline.

"I asked them basically to step back and give me more time for completion," Hemming said. "And in doing that I provided a proposed timeline that they can look at, if that is agreeable to them to potentially avoid any legal action going forward. So I've asked them to drop the lawsuit, sit back, rethink it and see if they can give me some additional time to get the properties to a standard they are comfortable with."

Attorney Chris Sholz spoke for the city.

"I would discourage the members of the council from engaging in direct comment in open session this evening but would certainly recommend that if the council deems fit, that we review this matter in an executive session under the exception, under the open meetings act for pending litigation," Scholz said.

The council did agree to attorney Scholz recommendation to discuss the issue at a later date in closed, executive session.

"I'm hoping and praying that basically the city has been so supportive of me in the past, that I'm hoping that we can drop this lawsuit and we can basically continue to have the open dialogue we've had in the past. And that we can all come together and work on a proposed plan that meets all the alderman's needs."

Two 11-year-old boys were accused of setting that fire.