Progress being made on old depot

The Keokuk Union Depot Commission says work is progressing on saving the old depot and restoring it back to it's original dcor.

Right now the commission is going over three bids to repair one of the brick walls on the depot.

The commission is also working on getting some grant money to help with the restoration process.

The building is one of the last depot's still standing that was designed by Burnham and Root.

They were a pair of architects from Chicago who designed several railroad related buildings.

"B ut it's one of the few Burnham and Root buildings that is actually still standing. So we need to save it. And then as we move along with grants and saving it making it a beautiful building again. We'll finally figure out what it's end use is. But we can't let this building become anymore dilapidated and fall into ruin," said depot commission president Debbie Marion.

The commission has been able to pay for all the rehab work on the depot through grants and private donations.

No taxpayer money has been used on the project.