Probable cause statement points to suffocation in death of wife

Cutis Lovelace, August 28

According to the probable cause statement read in Adams County court Thursday, Curtis Lovelace is accused of suffocating his wife, Cory Lovelace.

The probable cause statement reads: "The Grand Jurors summoned, drawn, qualified, certified, selected and sworn in and for the County of Adams in the State of Illinois, in the name and by the authority of the people of the State of Illinois, upon their oaths, present that on or about the 14th day of February,2006 at and within Adams County, Illinois, Curtis T. Lovelace, committed the offense of first degree murder that he, without lawful justification, with the intent to kill Cory Lovelace, suffocated Cory Lovelace, thereby causing the death of Cory Lovelace, in violation of Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 720, Act 5, Section 9-1(a)(1), contrary to the statute and against the peace and dignity of the same people of the state of Illinois."

Curtis Lovelace appeared in court at 1 p.m. Thursday.

Lovelace is the former Adams County Assistant State's Attorney who was indicted on first degree murder charges Wednesday in connection with the death of his wife in 2006.

The first degree murder charge stems from the 2006 death of his then wife, 38-year-old Cory D. Lovelace. Cory Lovelace was found dead in their home on February 14, 2006.

On Thursday, an order for a substitution of judge was filed Thursday by the attorney representing Curtis Lovelace.

According to court records, Judge Diane Lagoski of Brown County granted the request for a new judge and assigned Judge Scott Butler of Schuyler County to the case. At that point, Judge Butler took over the proceedings.

In addition to the request for substitution of judge, the attorney also requested two weeks to hire a lawyer and asked to speak to Judge Butler regarding the bond. Judge Butler advised Lovelace to have a lawyer present to speak on his bond.

Lovelace's bond was set at $5,000,000.

If the case goes to a jury trial, several Adams County judges have been excluded from hearing the case.

"I can't go into detail what the information is but we learned some new information that caused us to take a look into this case," Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley said.

Police say the investigation into the death of Cory Lovelace was reopened in December 2013 and after months of investigation, the case was presented to the Grand Jury Wednesday morning resulting in the indictment. The State Appellate Prosecutorâ??s Service was appointed as special prosecutor in the case.

"We were able to have the original autopsy reviewed by other pathologists and they have come back with the finding of homicide as the cause of death," Copley said.

In addition to serving as a former Quincy School Board member, Lovelace is a former Adams County Assistant State's Attorney and was a part-time adjunct professor at Quincy University in 2007.

If found guilty, Lovelace could face from 20-60 years in prison and could be fined $25,000 in restitution.