Private doll collection brings in thousands for charity

The money raised from the auction is going to support the Christmas Campaign.

Marge Holliday spent over 30 years collecting dolls.

Her collection contained rare Barbie dolls from the 80s and 90s with many still in their original boxes, as well some dolls Holliday created herself.

After moving into a care facility, Holliday decided to help those in need and donate her dolls to the Quincy Salvation Army to be auctioned off.

The money raised from the auction is going to support the Christmas Campaign.

"She made a lot of the porcelain dolls that actually were auctioned off today (Sunday, December 8, 2013), by hand, and would put all the lace together and everything and the pearls, and so it was really a very personal thing for her," Marge's son Jeff Holliday said.

It was a lifelong passion ... with a personal collection of over 600 dolls, some vintage and some homemade, this wasn't just any collection.

Overtime, Holliday realized that rather than hanging on to them, she could put them to good use and donate them.

"There's so many sentimental memories attached to many of these dolls. If she were here, she could literally tell you every single name of the dolls. You know the thing about my mom, I know that she understands that people need help now. She just simply doesn't have the space right now to enjoy them, and so we just determined that we're going to do something now to make a difference," Marge's son Jeff Holliday said.

Her passion that stemmed from a young age.

"My mom growing up didn't have a lot of dolls as a girl. When she and my dad got married, my dad purchased a Shirley Temple doll for her that I think she had always wanted when she was a little girl. And that kind of I think got her passions going of now I can get some of the dolls that maybe I couldn't get when I was younger," Jeff said.

The auction was a family affair for Sandi Jett. Four generations of collectors in her family came out to support the Salvation Army.

"I think it's great. It really warms my heart that she would do that during Christmas time, to help out people that live in Quincy and this area. That's another reason why I wanted to support it, because it does go to a great cause," Jett said. "It's thrilling to see the fact that obviously to some of the people who were kind enough to come out today that these dolls meant something to them, too."

Approximately 300 dolls were auctioned off and a total of $3,404.50 was raised as a result.