Priority packages not delivered as promised

Deb O'Dear, a Quincy resident, is not happy that her USPS package was not delivered as promised.

Most of us have sent and received gifts from delivery services like UPS, FedEx and the United States Post Office this holiday season, but imagine if the gift you've sent has yet to reach your loved one.

One Quincy resident is not happy that her USPS package was not delivered as promised.

"Sadly it's two days after Christmas, that's not the idea to send a package for it to be there after Christmas, I paid priority mail for it to be there before Christmas," Deb O'Dear said.

O'Dear mailed her package by three day priority shipping on December 18.

"The person said it would probably get there on Saturday, the guaranteed date was Monday, twelve twenty-three, and it did not arrive," she explained.

After tracking her package online, she decided to go down to the Post Office on Christmas Eve.

"I've been tracking this and I can not find where it has left Quincy, please tell me what's going on with my package," O'Dear said she told a manager. The manager did some digging. "He said we've been so inundated with packages that's its sitting on a trailer on a semi-trailer, one of six, we can't get them sorted," she said.

Because of cuts, Quincy no longer has a mail sorting facility. And that left O'Dear's package sitting somewhere.

"But to put packages on a trailer, six semis and just park them, you know, I believe the man said they were parked over around Evansville, Indiana, just to do that, that was wrong," she said.

O'Dear was guaranteed and then she was told there is no guarantee.

"And I said, but it's not fair, you know, you took my money, you guaranteed, you said three day priority that it was suppose to be delivered and he said well its not guaranteed and I said well I want a refund and he said no its not guaranteed," O'Dear explained.

As of this morning, her package has reached Florida but not her intended party.