Pride of Quincy Award presented

Each year the Quincy Association of Realtors presents the Pride of Quincy Award. This year the award goes to Kathy Mutchler and Kathy O'Hara for their restoration of the R. Brittingham Building on North 4th Street. When they first bought the building was all torn up inside. Now, it is completely renovated. On the street level is their business Beeline Express. The second and third floors have living quarters. There is also a mural painted on the south side of the building depicting what the Historic Quincy Business District looked like when the building was originally built.

"I think it kind of proves the old adage that ignorance is bliss because if we had known that it was going to draw the attention that it has so far, I don't think i'd have had the guts to design the features that I did. Just the idea that probably nobody else would see it but us. We'll just go ahead and try some stuff and see what happens and it worked," said Kathy Mutchler.

The renovations started in January of 2008. They will also be participating in the 4th Street Tour of Homes. That will be Sunday, September 12.