Presidential hopefuls pay Iowa a visit

Michele Bachmann (R) at the Ivy Bake Shoppe in Fort Madison, Iowa. / KHQA's Brooke Hasch

Iowa took the spotlight Wednesday for several GOP presidential hopefuls.

Republicans Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann visited Fort Madison Wednesday morning.

Ron Paul supporters attended a town hall meeting at the Comfort Inn and Suites, while across town, Bachmann's supporters rallied at the Ivy Bake Shoppe.

Both spent time talking about what sets them apart from the other candidates, answering questions from the public.

Bachmann, an Iowa native, focused on her consistency throughout her campaign and the beliefs she won't back down on.

"I want to take the country back. I want to get gasoline back to $2 a gallon. That's what it was when Barack Obama took office. I intend to secure our southern border and deal with illegal immigration. And I'm going to balance the budget," said Bachmann.

Paul emphasized what needs to change in America and where the problems first began.

"If the people endorse spending, then politicians will spend. I'll let you in on a little secret. There's a lot of people over there who aren't very principled. They think they can do what they need to do to get re-elected," said Paul.

One man who visited both rallies says he was most interested in what Ron Paul had to say.

"I agree with a lot of his policies. So I wanted to see how he handled himself and fielded questions in person and it was interesting to see how he interacted with the crowd." Roger Griswold.

For many of the people here, this was a first glimpse at a presidential candidate in person and for one in particular, his first time taking part in the election process.

"This will be my first, because I'll be 18 when the Illinois primaries begin, but right now, I'm only 17 so I have not voted before," said Sam Newberry.

"As a younger student, I'm looking for somebody who's willing to make changes to America that will be effective when I get older," said Rachel Nevling.

"He's the only candidate that's been consistent throughout the entire election process," said Sarah Nevling.

Bachmann says she's just as consistent.

"What's sets me is, I'm a proven time-tested conservative.I'm a real person, a real Iowan. I was born here. I'm not a politician and don't pretend to be," said Bachmann. "This is how we are going to take our country back. We are going to make Barack Obama a 'One Term President.' Thankyou!" said Bachmann.

Another presidential candidate also stopped in Iowa Wednesday. Rick Santorum visited West Burlington's Broadway caf.

Thursday, Rick Perry will travel to Drake on the Riverfront in Burlington for a meet and greet breakfast.

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