Prepping for the K of C BBQ

The K of C BBQ has been going on since 1927 when the Knights of Columbus bought the community together for a weekend of carnival rides, food, and refreshments for the first time.

It may be all fun and games for the guests, but in order to prepare for the annual BBQ, safety plays a huge role in the planning process.

"A couple months in advance we're in contact with the Quincy Police Department just kind of laying out exactly how we're going to do it each year, they uh, and they've always been pretty helpful with that," K of C BBQ Chairman Kevin Venvertloh said.

Officials of the BBQ also keep in contact with the emergency management agency to stay up to date if any bad weather arises.

The fairgrounds not only have tents to keep people dry, but they also have three large buildings to accommodate people in severe weather circumstances.

If the grounds are too wet and there are signs of thunder and lightening, the event will not go on.

"The police department also has Quincy Police Officers patrolling the outer perimeter or the outside the fairgrounds, patrolling the neighborhoods to make sure theres no problems in the neighborhoods with parking, um, intoxicated persons walking the neighborhood, loud noises," Sgt. Shannon Pilkington with the Quincy Police Department said.

Since the fairgrounds do serve alcohol to people of age, there can be some instances, that get out of hand. Between the Quincy Police, Adams County Sheriffs Department, and K of C BBQ officials, if anyone does get too intoxicated, they will be asked to leave and not return for the evening.

"Come out here and have a good time, just don't drink too much, that's one of the major problems we have is people get intoxicated and then they're not thinking straight and that's when we do have problems when we're trying to close and getting people to leave," Sgt. Pilkington said.

Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.