Preparing for the storm

Preparations began all over the Tri-States several days ago for the possibility of a white Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But the city of Quincy will need your help to keep roads clear.

KHQA's Jarod Wells explains.

Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said, "The crews will be ready, trucks are ready, we have plenty of salt, liquid chloride and we'll be prepared."

Once the weather outsides truly does get frightful, safety is always the number one priority.

Steinkamp said, "Any time during the winter weather here we'd like people to slow down, just take it easy. And then when we deploy the snow guys out, the snow plow people, just be careful. Give them plenty of room behind, don't pull out in front of them. They're working the plow, they're driving, they're working the liquid chlorine, the salt spreader and that so just give them plenty of room, don't crowd them one way or the other."

When the snow starts hitting the streets of Quincy, people need to pay attention to these Snow Emergency Route signs. The city of Quincy has an ordinance that says if enough snow accumulates, the city can order all cars off these routes. Either Mayor John Spring, Police Chief Rob Copley or City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp can enact the emergency snow routes.

Steinkamp said, "We'd give people probably about a 3 hour warning to remove their cars in designated routes and so there will be plenty of warning, people will know, but that's a rare occasion that that happens."

Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp says if cars are not moved, the city has the right to tow them.

Steinkamp says it is rare that cars have to be towed.