Prepare for summer driving smart

Aside from normal car maintenance this spring, remember to change your cabin filter. That's a biggie for folks with allergies.

Mechanic Mark Kuhlmeier with Kuhy's Import Specialists said, "A cabin filter is installed in vehicles to take out pollen. Compare it to what you have in your home. You have a filter in your home in your furnace. You have one in your automobile and it needs to be changed."

Another tip - Use fuel injection cleaner twice a year, in the spring and going into fall.

Check for a spare tire in your vehicle and locate your owners manual.

In today's tight times, we need our cars to last longer. The key is regular maintenance.

Kuhlmeier said, "A well-oiled and maintained machine is a proven fact you can go 200 to 300 thousand miles without any major breakdowns. With it being maintained, you're keeping on top of the problems and you're taking care of the problems before they are major problems."

That can save you money and maintain your car within your budget.

Kuhlmeier said, "Because the mechanic will say, this can wait for 30 days or 60 days and then you get your budget prepared and then you have a fine running automobile."

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