Pre Super Bowl workout leaves you guilt free

Millions of people through parties Sunday in light of the Super Bowl.

But between all of the snacking and pop drinking you may have been left feeling a little guilty.

That's what the YMCA in Quincy was trying to help you avoid during their Super Bowl Workout.

It featured new fitness classes like Indo Row, Cross Fit and Cycle.

Allowing members to break a sweat before breaking into a bag of chips during the big game.

"When you know you're going to indulge on some snacks that aren't the healthiest it's definitely beneficial to get that workout in before you head over," said Sara Reuschel, member services director at the Quincy YMCA.

"The idea behind this is that people can come in try out some of our new and exciting classes burn some calories and then not feel so guilty about going to the Super Bowl parties and snacking all afternoon."

The YMCA also had a deal to go with the workouts.

If you brought a friend to a fitness class and they joined the gym, both people received free membership for one month.