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      'Pray Out Loud' passenger to speak to Addicts Victorious

      You hear, see and read a lot about arrests associated with alcohol, drugs and other addictions.

      You don't always hear what happens to those individuals following those arrests.

      An international recovery program based in Quincy has helped hundreds of addicts during its 27 years of existence.

      "I was addicted to alcohol, smoked cigarettes," former addict Susanne Depew said. "I was addicted to marijuana. I love being able to say, 'was.'"

      Depew almost lost her family and her life to addictions.

      "I was angry," she said. "Mad at the world. I didn't like myself."

      She spent time in jail for those addictions when she learned about Addicts Victorious in Quincy, a biblical approach to overcoming addictions.

      "It's a whole different ballgame," Depew said. "I'm not looking over my shoulder. I have respect for the law. I'm just a totally different person//There's no way I would've ever done this myself."

      Reverend Jerald Jenkins started Addicts Victorious in 1987 when he hit rock bottom from alcohol abuse. He talks about his past in third person.

      "He was an old drunk," he said. "Had multiple addictions. He smoked, he gambled and was just a despicable person. This old drunk fell on his face on the altar and said God, if you're real, I surrender my life to you. I know addiction very well. God gave me a vision."

      Twenty-seven years later, Addicts Victorious is an international ministry with programs across the United States and the world.

      "Our success rate is 81 percent," Jenkins said. "We're not against any other program. Any program that works is good. The average program runs between a 3 and 7 percent recovery rate. They use the theory of man. We use God's word. Every addiction is caused by a spiritual problem."

      "I know most people who are on addictions, they really don't want to be," Depew said. "They're in misery. They're in pain. You can just put all that behind you. It's your past, and you can be a brand new person."

      Addicts Victorious is hosting an Addiction Impact Conference April 19 at the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center starting at 9 a.m.

      Katie Lentz will serve as the keynote speaker.

      Lentz's car was hit head-on by a drunk driver last August near Center, Missouri.

      She's now back in college after undergoing extensive surgeries and therapy.