Pray Out Loud 5K Run/Walk in honor of Katie Lentz

Lentz underwent multiple surgeries following the accident.

Her story attracted international attention -- a Quincy woman who asked rescue workers to pray out loud with her as they tried to extricate her from her car following a head-on collision near Center, Missouri.

That's when a mysterious priest showed up out of no where to lead Katie Lentz and rescue crews in prayer.

Emergency personnel say the prayer was badly needed as Katie's body was failing fast.

The priest eventually stepped forward to identify himself, and Katie has spent the past two months recovering from her injuries.

The Quincy Medical Group Healthcare Foundation a Pray Out Loud 5K Walk/Run held today to support the workers who saved Katie's life.

It was only fitting that the event began with a prayer out loud. And the woman who is lucky to be able to walk walked right along side walkers and runners who turned out to show their support.

"I'm so glad I can be here today, and I'm so glad I can walk as much as I can," Lentz said. "Every step I'm grateful for."

The older model Mercedes in which Katie Lentz had to be extricated was displayed at Saturday's event.

Dr. Rena Stewart operated multiple times on Katie after the crash.

"Katie had compound fractures or open fractures meaning her bones actually came right through the skin," she said. "Now less than three months after her injuries, she is walking. She happened to have a walker but it was really there for just balance. My husband was running with me, and I'm crying like a baby watching her. She's made phenomenal progress."

The Pray Out Loud 5K Run/Walk benefited the New London, Perry and Center volunteer fire departments.

"They came to me in the time that I needed them most," Lentz said. "You really don't think about the volunteer fire departments, and I'm really glad we're raising awareness for them to help them get the tools to help others."

"When we first found out that the family had considered a thought like that, it was shocking to all of us because what we do is something we don't expect anything in return for," New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed said. "Sometimes, we don't have an escape from some of the bad. We've had two wrecks that followed this one where the outlook was pretty grim. When you find something like this, you grab onto it, and you let it carry you to the next good thing that happens. This has been a good healer for a lot of us."

Lentz plans to head back to school at Tulane University. She plans to become a dentist.

"I know my friends are very excited to have me back, and I can't wait to return," she said.

The 5K event ended with a block party from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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