Pork producers hit hard by misinformation

News of the H1N1 virus has hit pork producers hard.

Randy Sims runs a pig operation in Adams County.

He told KHQA live hog futures dropped more than $10 per hundred weight since last week.

That's a $25 to $30 drop per pig in an already down economy.

He says he, his employees and the swine industry as a whole work very hard to keep swine healthy.

That's why he wants to reiterate that you cannot get the H1N1 virus by consuming pork products.

Sims says, "I want people to be concerned, but I want them to know the facts. I want them to know that pork is totally safe to eat. There's no concern over H1N1 flu getting intot the pork supply."

Sims says current swine facilities make it easier than ever to monitor any illness.

He says his workers have to go through a "showering process" before even stepping foot into the buildings.

If any of those workers are sick, no matter the illness, they stay out of swine facilities until they are well.