Popular restaurant destroyed by fire

The Clarksville Station was a total loss

An early Tuesday morning fire that destroyed a Clarksville, Missouri restaurant is being investigated.

But owners say this isn't the stopping point for the business.

On 327 acres of land, sat the Clarksville Station.

The restaurant served as the welcoming point for the Overlook Farm.

The business caught fire Tuesday morning around 2 o'clock.

Fire and Ameren crews were still on the scene at 6 a.m., to check for hot spots and to shut off the gas.

The cause of the fire was not released.

Owner Nathalie Pettus says the land the restaurant sits on has been in family for centuries, and she can't imagine not moving forward.

"This land is really important to my family and has been since the late 1800's or earlier even," Pettus said. "But it is my Terra, I'm Scarlett O'Hara up here and it will continue and my kids will continue on afterwards."

The farm currently employs 100 people, and Pettus says one fire isn't going to change that.

"Life's too short, you've got to keep going," said Pettus. "There are lots of people in the world who deal with worse disasters than this and they keep on."

Pettus said she is hopeful to re-built by May.