Popular Christmas lights on display in Hannibal

You could call it a miniature avenue of lights.

A Hannibal man decided to put up more lights this year outside of his house this Christmas.

Now a half a million lights later, not to mention countless hours of work, Jon Freiling's home has become quite the attraction.

Freiling said, "We've done it on a much smaller scale, but this is the first year for this big of a scale. Every year we say we're going to do more next year. We finally got around to it. I had extra help this year. It helped a lot. "

Freiling started planning for the display, which is more than a half a mile long, last January. Construction started in summer and the assembly started in October. It displays more than a half million lights, and the computer syncs the lights with the music.

He said, "It was exciting when you fire up the computer for the first time, and it actually works instead of just sitting there."

Freiling says this display wouldn't be possible without the help of family, friends and even co-workers. KHQA's Rajah Maples spoke with Jon's so called "elves" who helped make it happen.

They said, "It took hours and hours of work." Rajah asked, "Was it worth it?" The volunteers answered, "Yes!"

Entry starts with this 100-foot long tunnel. Spectators are asked to tune their radios to 95.5 for special Christmas music as they drive through the display.

Freiling's electric bill for the one month is between $7- to $800. Even though it's free to all, a donation box is at the end of of the display for anyone who wishes to leave a donation.